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Housing: Revised Procedures and Documents for the Housing Module

March 28, 2012

The following documents and procedures have been revised in line with their scheduled annual review:
HS2 Statement of Reasons,
HS3 Prohibition Order,
HP1 Clearance Areas Improvement of the Local Housing Stock,
HP2 Demolition Orders,
HP8 Review of housing Conditions in Local Areas,
HP9 Survey of Residential Dwellings,
HP17 Caravan Site Licensing,
HP24 Interim Empty Dwelling Management Orders,
HP 25 Remedying Buildings and Neglected Sites under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990,
HP26 Ruinous or Dilapidated Buildings and Neglected Sites under S 79 of the Building Act 1984,
HP27 A Strategic Guide to Empty and Occupied Eyesore Premises and Land Pockets.