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Changes to Planning Regime

May 1, 2012
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In March 2012the Department for Communities and Local Government published the National Planning Policy Framework. This radically changes the planning system with the aim of making it less complex and more accessible. The main purpose is to achieve sustainable development. The Framework is supported by a technical guidance document that covers areas at risk of flooding and mineral extraction.  

There are 12 core principles and these include ‘ways to enhance and improve the places in which people live’, ‘secure high quality design and a good standard of amenity’, ‘conserving and enhancing the natural environment and reducing pollution’ and ‘improve health, social and cultural wellbeing’.

The Framework replaces the Planning Policy Statements, Planning Policy Guidance and Minerals Planning Guidance documents. 

There is also a new Planning Policy for Traveller Sites that should be read in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework.