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Environmental Crime: New Communities and Neighbourhoods Module

July 11, 2012
Environmental Crime

Please can we have your comments and views on the further development of RIAMS modules.

One of our aims for the development of RIAMS is to include community safety and a range of services such as dog control and animal welfare. We also want to reflect the holistic approach that Local Authorities are increasingly undertaking within communities and neighbourhoods.

Within the Environmental Health area there is an Environmental Crime module that contains a set of procedures that address environmental waste issues and the specific process with regard to high hedges.

It would seem appropriate to bring this outside the Environmental Health area and include these topics within a broader based module.

We would welcome views on the following:

1. Should there be one module that covers neighbourhood topics, to include community safety, dog control, animal trespass, animal welfare and the environmental waste issues?

2. If so, what should this be called? ‘Communities and Neighbourhoods’, ‘Community Safety and Environmental Crime’ ‘Neighbourhood Crime’, ‘Streetscene’?

3. Are there other topics that you would like to see included within this module?

4. Alternatively, should community safety be placed within its own separate module?

5. Are there other options that you would prefer?

Please can you forward your comments and suggestions to info@rhenvironmental.co.uk.