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Enforcement: PACE Interviews Use of Secure Digital Network

July 23, 2012

We would be interested to know if any Local Authorities are using a secure digital network instead of the traditional tape recording for PACE interviews. PACE Code E allows this newer technology option. The RIAMS procedure ‘Conducting Interviews and Taking Written Statements under PACE’ covers the use of tape recorders. If the new technology is being used or considered we will look to include this option within the enforcement procedures.

To note, following review, minor updates have been made to the procedure and the supporting documents ‘PACE Audio Recording Interview Prompt Sheet’ (Removal of Notice of Rights requirement, inclusion of handing interviewee the following document) and ‘PACE: Caution Explanation and Tape Procedure Public Information Document’ (reference to code paragraph amended to 4.4(E)). ┬áIf Local Authorities use printed copies they should now use the updated versions.