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Housing: Advice to Caravan and Tent Site Owners regarding Flood Risk

August 13, 2012

Following several flooding incidents this summer, the Environment Agency has issued guidance for site owners giving practical advice and information to minimise the impact of flooding on caravan and tent sites. 

Under the provisions of the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, site operators have a duty of care to customers, which includes making them aware of the risk of flooding and the guidance provides practical tips on how to do this.

Local authority caravan and tent site licences should specify flood prevention and flood evacuation plans with conditions, for example the requirement to display a flood warning sign.

For sites that required planning permission, the site planning conditions should include those relating to flood risk, for example a flood evacuation plan, or display flood warning information notices around the site.

A copy of this guidance is located on RIAMS in the Housing module caravan sites sub-category documents.