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Manufacture & Storage of Explosives and Fireworks Licensing

August 22, 2012


As part of the RIAMS Licensing knowledge area, a new procedure has been developed to guide practitioners through the Explosives and Fireworks licensing requirements. Included are the supporting HSE guidance documents.

The procedure focuses on the Local Authority licensing function in relation to the manufacture and storage of explosives including fireworks. The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for the licensing of manufacturing of explosives and large storage facilities. Where less than 2000 kg of explosives is to be stored then the Police, the Fire Authority and/or the Local Authority may be the Licensing Authority.

Storage of very small quantities of explosives (or for a short period) do not require a licence.

Licensing requirements will depend on the maximum quantity and type of explosives stored at any one time and for the purpose of the Regulations the quantity excludes any packaging and casings. The type of explosive is expressed by hazard type, ranging from hazard type 1 to hazard type 4 (hazard type 1 being the most powerful). Adult fireworks will usually be classed as hazard type 4 explosives

The only situation where the Local Authority will be required to determine an application relating to storage under MSER will be if it involves up to 2000 kg of explosives that does not include either smokeless powder or an explosive that requires an explosives certificate. For more details and a full breakdown of the licensing requirements go to the link below.