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BRE Launch New Online HHSRS Health Cost Calculator

September 14, 2012

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has launched a new online Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC). This new tool will enable practitioners to load up HHSRS data and store it for free, at this level it will calculate and store HHSRS scores. By subscribing, the HHCC will calculate the health costs of each hazard in a dwelling and provide aggregated health cost data for your housing stock. This data is essential for quantifying the health impact of housing defects and the public health gains through remedial action.


The Calculator was developed with RHE who are the BRE delivery partner for this service. You can register free at www.housinghealthcosts.org and begin using it from today. All Local Authority data added to it is anonymised and presented as aggregated data sets for England as a whole. Local Authorities, Housing Associations and consultants can all use the Calculator.


The Housing Health Cost Calculator was developed by the BRE to enable practitioners to measure the quantitative health impact of work undertaken to reduce and mitigate hazards defined under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). It can probably be best described as measuring the health cost savings to the NHS and society achieved through private sector housing interventions both proactive initiatives and enforcement.


The HHCC should help calculate the quantitative contribution of intervention within private sector housing to public health and provide evidence for presentation to the JSNA and Health and Wellbeing Board. Evidence will specifically help support the requirement to consider local need.

The BRE Trust

BRE is the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment. Set up in 2002 to advance knowledge, innovation and communication for public benefit, the Trust uses all profits made by the BRE Group of companies to fund new research and education programmes that will help to meet its goal of ‘building a better world’.

RH Environmental

RHE is a specialist Environmental Health consultancy delivering a range of services for Housing and Regulatory professionals in the UK. This includes the UK Housing Professionals Forum (www.rhenvironmental.co.uk/forums), RIAMS (www.riams.org), as well as training in HHSRS and many other Housing Enforcement topics.