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RIAMS NEW Low Cost Online Access to British Standards

September 28, 2012

RHE is pleased to announce the launch of new low cost online access to British Standards through the RIAMS (www.riams.org) platform. Following the redevelopment and improvement of the RIAMS platform this year, BSI agreed to permit RIAMS Users the facility to create bespoke lists of standards for their organisation.

The new deal which offers excellent value for money, permits users to create lists of up to 10 British Standards. And with keen pricing offered by RHE, below list prices, this option provides the RIAMS community with the opportunity to continue using BSI documents while cutting expenditure. RIAMS will now provide individual bespoke lists of BSi standards so you only pay for what you choose.

RIAMS is a secure cloud based platform providing regularly updated procedures, advice notes, documents and notices. It is a new generation knowledge management tool for professionals, replacing outmoded and inefficient information systems.

RIAMS has been developed using the latest software to enable professionals to store and access documents wherever they have an Internet connection. RIAMS is being widely used as a mobile and flexible working tool plus providing resilience to manage restructuring, shared services and the loss of experienced staff and during contingencies.

For more information or a full price list contact RH Environmental Ltd on 01239 711 793 or email us on info@rhenvironmental.co.uk.