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RHE Launches UK Licensing Professionals Forum

October 15, 2012

RHE forums are used by professionals in every local authority and we have now launched a much needed place on the web for the UK’s professional licensing community.

It’s free and it’s secure

You can sign up free, it’s hosted in a secure moderated environment and User details are not sold on or used for third party marketing. To sign up click here and fill in the form with your email address and the password you would like to use on the RH Environmental website.


Our objective is simple, to provide a much needed place on the web where professionals can keep up to date with policy developments and current legal cases. Moderated by Julia Bradburn, a former licensing manager, chartered legal executive and IoL trainer, the forum will feature contributions from key figures in UK Licensing, this includes:

  • Sandra Graham, Solicitor at Horsey Lightly Flynn Solicitors
  • Dave Daycock, Barrister at Iscoed Chambers Cardiff
  • Jonathan Smith, Solicitor and Managing Partner at Poppleston Allen
  • Dan Hurring Director at Sunrise Festival
  • Bob Fox Director at NCASS
  • Alex Leppingwell Director at Green Stewards
  • Alexandra Michalis Health & Safety Specialist for Large Events 

The list of contributors will continue to develop.

Secure and moderated

Questions are checked before they are published and responses are monitored to ensure the forum will continue to be a valued resource. The forum is hosted in a secure encrypted environment.

Good design and easy to access information

From the high level of satisfaction users get from our forums, the new licensing forum benefits from excellent design standards, archiving and search, plus sharing and tracking specific threads to stay up to date.


We are passionate about information and helping improve the flow of information through the local regulation communities. We are also firm believers in the BRDO agenda for more consistent regulation. RHE delivers the RIAMS knowledge management platform dedicated to delivering more consistent regulatory processes. RIAMS is available with an IoL members discount. To find out more ask for a free trial on RIAMS at www.riams.org.