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CIEH NPAP publication ‘A guide to carrying out an environmental assessment prior to the use of rodenticides’

November 12, 2012
Pest Control

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health National Pest Advisory Panel has published guidance on environmental assessment and rodenticides. Environmental assessment should always be carried out before treatments using rodenticide baits begin. The purpose of an environmental assessment is to determine possible environmental effects and identify which precautions are necessary to protect wildlife and the wider environment. The main considerations include where and what the rodent problems are; which protected species may be present in or near the treatment site; what alternative environmental measures would be appropriate; what is the risk to non-target species that have been identified; what is the treatment designed to achieve and how will success be measured; what is expected from the client (i.e. the owner or occupier of the infested premises/area) ; and what follow up measures are required.

The guidance can be located on RIAMS in the pest control module.