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Takeaways Toolkit – Health Impacts of Fast Food

January 3, 2013

The London Food Board and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) have produced a toolkit  to help local authorities understand the range of tools at their disposal in tackling the public health impacts of fast food. It also aims to show that there is both a carrot and stick approach to this issue – that engaging positively with takeaways to help them improve their business competitiveness as well as the healthiness of their food is as important as developing clear planning guidance and new regulation. 

It is hoped that this toolkit will provide the information necessary for local authorities to build their own programme of activities to improve the health of the food on offer in their high streets. Each local authority will have different needs and some activities will suit some more than others. It is also envisioned that the most effective response will entail action on a number of fronts that will reinforce each other and build the widest possible base of support for improving the diet of local populations. 

The toolkit is located on RIAMS as guidance in Food, Nutrition and Health Resources.