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The Gambling Act 2005: A Bet Worth Taking?

January 22, 2013

The Government has published its response to the Select Committee Report on gambling. The full response is available on the DCMS website here.

The response in the main supportive of the Select Committee’s suggestions, with emphasis placed on research into problem gambling and the continuation of the Gambling Commission’s responsibility for carrying out test purchasing operations. 

The response confirms the Government are reluctant to encourage the relaxation of the law surrounding Category B2 machines until there is firm evidence of their effects, suitable harm mitigation practices are in place and the gambling industry had demonstrated its ability to manage the risk of harm.

The Government does not agree that there is sufficient evidence to confirm that commercial snooker clubs have suffered as a result of any lack of access to category B3 machines and suggests that further evidence is required to justify permitting commercial snooker clubs to operate B3 machines.

The response welcomes the Select Committee observations on a number of Government led issues such as the Triennial Review and the licensing process for Small and Large Casinos and their locations.

Acknowledgment is also given to the importance of ensuring that the costs of regulation are appropriately assessed and in particular that the Gambling Commission fees are set at a suitable level.