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Consideration of a Public Health Bill in Wales

February 11, 2013
Public Health

The Welsh Government published a Green Paper on 29 November 2012 to collect views about whether a Public Health Bill should be introduced to further improve and protect the health of the people of Wales.

In order to stimulate debate, the Green Paper outlines a number of early ideas which could potentially be explored further if the Welsh Government decides to develop a Public Health Bill. These ideas cover:

  • Placing a duty on Welsh Ministers to consider health issues in policy making
  • Placing duties on bodies to reduce health inequalities
  • Requiring bodies to strengthen the emphasis given to the prevention of poor health
  • Strengthening community action around health and wellbeing

The Green Paper can be found on the Welsh Government’s website at http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/healthsocialcare/publichealth/?lang=en. The consultation is open until 20 February 2013.