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RIAMS Updates March 2013

March 28, 2013
Latest News

Below is a complete update of new procedures, documents and guidance that have been added to RIAMS for March 2013. It also includes any reviews that have taken place on our existing content. 

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New Procedures/Guidance
Administration – Planning Air Quality Assessment
Administration – Planning Applications Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems
Administration – Planning Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Crime – Animal Trespass
Public Health –  Smoke-free Regulation

Reviewed Procedures/Guidance
Administration – Freedom of Information Requests
Administration – Requisition for Information
Enforcement – Abatement Notices
Enforcement – Deemed Service Guidance
Enforcement – Conducting Interviews and Taking Written Statements
Enforcement – Control of Evidence
Enforcement – Diary Sheet Guidance
Enforcement – Gathering Further Evidence by Interview and Letter
Enforcement – Powers of Entry
Enforcement – Service of Notices
Enforcement – Taking of Witness Statements Guidance
Enforcement – The Use of Notebooks and Making Contemporaneous Records
Environmental Protection – Noise from Intruder Alarms
Environmental Protection – Dealing with Nuisance from Vehicle Alarms
Health and Safety – Asbestos Investigations Review
Health and Safety – Health and Safety Intervention and Revisit Procedure
Housing – A Strategic Guide to Empty and Occupied Eyesore Premises and Land Pockets
Housing – Definition of HMO
Housing – Licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation and Temporary Exemption Notices
Housing – Overcrowding in Non-Licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation
Housing – Regulation HMO Managers and Occupiers
Housing – Remedying Buildings and Neglected Sites under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Housing – Ruinous or Dilapidated Buildings and Neglected Sites under Section 79 of the Building Act 1984

New Documents
Public Health (Wales only) – What you need to know about the new smoke-free law Wales

New National Policy and Guidance
Administration (Wales only) – Circular 11/99 Environmental Impact Assessment WG
Enforcement – Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Guidance on interviewing victims and witnesses, and guidance on using special measures MoJ 2011
Enforcement – Guidance on Interviewing Child Witnesses in Scotland, The Scottish Government 2003
Environmental Crime – Legal Guidance Trespass and Nuisance on Land CPS
Housing (Wales only) – Empty Homes Good Practice Guidance WAG 2010 
Public Health (Wales only) – Smoke-free Legislation Supplementary Guidance for NHS, Local Authority and Care Service Providers in Wales