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Big Variations in Hospital Admission Rates

May 8, 2013
Public Health

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p>Asthma UK have revealed big variations in admission rates for the condition across the UK. On World Asthma Day (Tuesday 7th May) it has emerged that children in Liverpool are 19 times more likely to be admitted to hospital than children in Tower Hamlets. Adult rates showed a similar trend, the figures coming from the NHS Atlas of Variation: Respiratory Disease. The London Borough of Newham had the highest adult rates of 193 per 100,000 of the population. Around one in 10 children and one in 12 adults in the UK suffers from Asthma.

Head of Policy at Asthma UK Emily Humphreys believes the number of admissions could be significantly reduced. “ Quality of Asthma care is paramount – we estimate that 75% of hospital admissions could be prevented with the right care and management.” The Compare Your Care campaign launched today will ask people to complete an on-line questionnaire and rate the care they receive in their area. It is hoped the results will paint a more accurate picture and may lead to other variables such as Air Quality being looked at in future. Many Local Authorities have been playing a part in asthma management plans through services such as London’s airTEXT scheme which provides air quality forecasting information throughout the 32 boroughs.