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New ASB Powers, Help for Mesothelioma Sufferers But No Minimum Alcohol Pricing

May 10, 2013
Environmental Crime

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p>The Queens Speech outlined plans for a more streamlined system to deal with anti social behaviour, under the proposals the current 20 powers would be reduced to just 6. The  Crime and Policing bill will include a new “community trigger” which means the Police and Local Authorities in receipt of complaints about anti social behaviour from five separate households would be duty bound to take action. Victims would also have a greater say in the sanctions offenders can receive out of court under the new “community remedy” provisions. The bill will also extend the offence of owning or being in charge of a dog that is out of control to include private places.

Workers who were exposed to asbestos resulting in mesothelioma will now be able to make claims for compensation even where their employer who was responsible for the exposure or the employer’s insurance company cannot be traced. The Mesothelioma bill will be financed by a levy on insurance companies and will apply to the whole of the UK. Public Health campaigners will no doubt be disappointed that amongst the things not mentioned in the speech were plain packaging for cigarettes and minimum alcohol pricing. Ministers however say that these proposals are currently subject to consultation and gave an assurance that they hadn’t been abandoned.