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New Reference Tool for Housing Professionals

May 20, 2013

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p>The relationship between housing and health has always played a fundamental role in Public Health. With that in mind RHE has launched the Housing Health International Research Bulletin at www.housinghealth.com. Written by two leading UK experts Professor David Ormandy of Warwick University and Stephen Battersby, former President of CIEH, the bulletin is a valuable resource whether you are tackling poor housing conditions or researching and teaching about the potential health impacts. Contributions will provide an international perspective from other leading Housing and Health experts from around the world. With a referenced library fully searchable with key words and related topics the bulletin provides a wealth of information. Each edition will summarise recent research or provide themed summaries around a factor that has an influence on health.

The aim is that the bulletin will eventually cover all 29 hazards in the UK Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and the USA Healthy Homes risk based assessments. Information on the hazards will be supplemented by input from the editorial team. Users will have the ability to send questions and make suggestions to the authors and will be encouraged to share their own research papers and images.

For more details please contact RHE enquiries.