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New Public Health Forum Launched

June 4, 2013
Public Health

RHE has launched a brand new Public Health Forum to add to its popular range of web forums. The Jigsaw Public Health Forum was originally established at LinkedIn where it attracted a wide following. Started by Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner Pete Hill and colleague Sarah James in December 2012 with the intention of engaging Environmental Health Professionals in Public Health, Jigsaw established an initial presence on the web with the @JigsawPSPH Twitter feed. Regular blog posts and the I’m a Public Health Professional Get Me Out of Here Podcast which was quickly picked up by UK Health Radio followed.

As Pete explained when the opportunity to join RHE came along he jumped at the chance. “I think we’d taken Jigsaw as far as we could go so now to have the backing of an established company is perfect. We can put all the Jigsaw platforms in one place and reach a wider audience.” Not that Pete intends to stop there; “Once we’ve established the forum and the blog I’ll be looking to expand into other areas involving Social Media. Its an ever changing field where you can easily get left behind if you don’t stay in touch with what’s happening.” He said. The Jigsaw Public Health Forum aims to provide professionals with a secure environment in which to share ideas and best practice as well as keeping them up to date with latest developments. All our forums are free to join and are fully archived and searchable.      

Click the following link to join the Public Health forum – http://www.rhenvironmental.co.uk/index.php/forums/jigsaw-public-health/login

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