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RIAMS Updates May 2013

June 5, 2013
Latest News

May saw the launch of a brand new resource for Housing practitioners, academics and professionals dealing with poor housing. The Housing Health International Research Bulletin is edited by experts Professor David Ormandy of Warwick University and RHE Associate Dr Steve Battersby who currently runs the very successful RHE UK Housing Forum.   The bulletin is a unique service which references UK and international research into the relationship between housing and health. It also gives subscribers the chance to comment, contribute articles and share documents and images. In a constantly changing field the bulletin will help practitioners maintain their competence to enforce HHRS.

We are also delighted to announce the addition of a new web forum to our existing collection. The Jigsaw Public Health Forum will be run by Chartered EHP Pete Hill who has gained a national reputation for his work on Public Health engagement. Providing insightful comment, advice, and links to Jigsaw’s many social media platforms we hope the new forum will develop into an invaluable resource for EHPs and Public Health Professionals. 

For those of you on facebook, we have just relaunched our facebook page as a daily news and updates page for Environmental Health and Licensing and can be found here.

Below is a complete update of new procedures, documents and guidance that have been added to RIAMS for May 2013. It also includes any reviews that have taken place on our existing content. 

Reviewed Procedures/Guidance
Enforcement – Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
Enforcement – Guidance Note: Presenting Evidence in Court
Enforcement – Reporting and Processing Offences
Environmental Crime – Waste Carrier and Transfer Note Enforcement
Health and Safety – Sunbeds Regulation

New Documents
Pest Control: Advice Sheet: Foxes 
Pest Control: Rodent Advice Sheet: Rats 

New National Policy and Guidance (all within new Accessible Homes sub category in Housing)
Housing: Accessible Homes Guide – May 2013
Housing: Accessible Homes Toolkit – May 2013
Housing: Appendix 1a Devon Homes Without Barriers Protocol – Tenant Version
Housing: Appendix 1b Devon Homes Without Barriers Protocol – Agency Version
Housing: Appendix 2 Delivery Chain Assessment
Housing: Appendix 3a Plymouth Major Adaptations Process v7
Housing: Appendix 3b Bristol Process Map
Housing: Appendix 3c East Sussex Process for Complex Over 10k Adaptations
Housing: Appendix 4a Bristol Customer Satisfaction Form
Housing: Appendix 4b Westminster Customer Satisfaction Form

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