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New National LA Enforcement Code Published by HSE

June 10, 2013
Health and Safety

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p>The new code has been produced in response to recommendations in the Lofstedt report that the Health and Safety Executive be given a stronger role in directing Local Authority activity and enforcement. It provides a risk based approach to targeting Health and Safety interventions by Local Authority Officers in a framework that recognises the roles of both regulators and business in managing risks in the work place.   

HSE Chair Judith Hackitt said: “Real improvement in safety performance will come from targeting those who put their employees at greatest risk. Local inspectors have a very important role to play in ensuring the effective and proportionate management of risks by businesses, and the code is designed to guide them to do this.”

Replacing the previous Section 18 standard the code imposes a statutory duty on Local Authorities to ensure “adequate arrangements for enforcement.” This covers four main areas:

a)    Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of business, regulators and professional bodies
b)    Outlining the risk-based regulatory approach that LAs should adopt
c)    Setting out the need for the training and competence of LA H&S regulators
d)    Explaining the arrangements for collection and publication of LA data and peer review

HSE will also encourage LA’s to make information on interventions, enforcement activity and prosecutions available to the public as well as through the LAE1 return. The code is accompanied by a list of activities and sectors which are considered appropriate for routine inspection by Local Authorities.

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