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Longer Lives Tool Show Inequalities are Still an Issue

June 14, 2013
Public Health

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p>The release of Public Health England’s new Longer Lives tool has highlighted large local variations in early death rates throughout the UK. Comparing the number of people who died before the age of 75 over a two year period the figures show that rates are highest in Manchester, Blackpool and Liverpool. Premature mortality figures have been improving but as Professor John Newton pointed out the UK is still seventh of 17 European countries for men and 15th for women. The tool allows users to enter their post code and see how their local area fares in respect of cancer, heart, lung and liver disease. There is also a measure of socioeconomic deprivation. Health Minister Jeremy Hunt says that the figures should serve to show Local Authorities where their major Public Health challenges lie.

“I want areas to use the data released today to identify local public health challenges like smoking, drinking and obesity and to take action to help achieve our ambition for saving 30,000 lives a year by 2020.” The current budget allocation for Public Health across the UK is £5.4 billion this however does not cover services that deal with the wider determinants of health. Welcoming the release of the tool Cllr Zoe Patrick Chair of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board said that the data produced should still be used with caution as; “”Using it out of context to create any sort of national league table dangerously oversimplifies matters and ignores the very complex socio-economic and cultural factors that affect the premature mortality rate.”

Click here to view PHE Longer Lives.