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RIAMS News – Health and Safety Updates

June 24, 2013
Health and Safety

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p>This weeks update concentrates on changes to the Health and Safety Procedures for Service of Improvement and Prohibition Notices.

HSP2 Service of Improvement Notices – Link to procedure

HSP4 Service of Prohibition Notices – Link to procedure

The procedures have been updated to add clarity particularly around communications with Primary Authorities. Where the organisation being served with a notice has a Primary Authority there is a requirement to notify the authority of the decision to take action. If practical the preferred course of action would be to consult with the Primary Authority before any notice is served. The original LAC 61/1 has now become OC 130/5 Enforcement Management Model.

RIAMS 16 months on:

Originally launched in February 2012 to take over from the Environmental Health Management system (EHMS) there are now 72 Local Authorities using RIAMS across England and Wales. The system continues to develop covering all areas of Environmental Health and will be expanding to include more extensive information on Health and Wellbeing in the coming months. The ability to access information in one place has proved popular with operational officers and has been a great help to student EHPs as Scott Smith of Weymouth and Portland District Council explained. “From somebody relatively new to working in Environmental Health, RIAMS has been a great help throughout my training and qualification process. As a student, the profession presents a broad and often daunting subject area, so being able to easily access information across all disciplines has helped my studying significantly. I found RIAMS particularly useful for the completion of my Experiential Learning Portfolio as I could refer quickly to procedure guidance and relevant legislation, at home or in the office.”