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RIAMS News – Weekly Update

July 8, 2013

Notice of Intended Works for the Prevention of Unauthorised Entry or Danger to Public Health (MS88E/MS88W)

We have added a model notice to the Enforcement module which can be used for action under Section 29 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. The notice is generally employed to secure empty properties by requiring them to be boarded up or secured using other methods. You can find the notice under Enforcement > Documents > Prevention of Unauthorised Entry.

Click here to view the notice.

Food Standards Agency – Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP)

The National Control Plan April 2013 to March 2015 has been published by the Food Standards Agency and can be found under Food > National Policy and Guidance > Food and Feedstuffs. The document covers the official control systems in respect of ‘feed and food law’ and is required by the European Commission. It provides the basis on which the UK’s performance under the national controls system is judged by the Commissions inspection services. 

Click here to view the document.

Housing Module New Model Notices

A number of new model notices have been added to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System documents sub section. The notices augment the existing Improvement and Prohibition Notices and cover the following actions:

Housing Improvement Notice Revocation HS97
Housing Improvement Notice Refusal of Revocation HS98
Housing Improvement Notice Variation HS99
Housing Improvement Notice Refusal of Variation HS100
Housing Improvement Notice Suspended HS101
Housing Prohibition Order Revocation HS102
Housing Prohibition Order Variation HS103
Housing Prohibition Order Suspended HS104

Click here to view the notices.

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