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?3 Million Fund Launched to Crack Down on Rogue Landlords

July 19, 2013

Councils will be able to bid for funds from a new ?3 million central government budget to tackle rogue landlords. Announcing the new proposal Housing Minister Mark Prisk said; ?The majority of tenants are happy with their home and the service they receive, but there are still a minority of rogue landlords who exploit vulnerable people and force their tenants to live in overcrowded and squalid conditions.” The new funding builds on the ? 2.6 million that was allocated to deal with so called ?beds in sheds? which has resulted in more than 500 illegally rented outbuildings and overcrowded homes being discovered since 2011. It is estimated that one in four Londoners now rents their home as the sector has increased by 75% in the last decade. The figure is replicated throughout the country with the private rented sector having doubled to over 290,000 in Scotland.

The chronic shortage of social housing means that the age demographic of private tenants has also changed with Shelter noting a 7% increase in the number of over 65s privately renting in the past five years. Those statistics are one of the reasons why the government have felt the need to move to try to stop the problem escalating as Mr Prisk explained. ?It?s unacceptable that the lives of tenants and their neighbours are made a misery in the name of profit. That?s why today I?m offering councils a share of ?3 million to take on the rogue operators in their area.?

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