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New NICE Guidance On Workplace Health Published

July 25, 2013
Public Health

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published the latest in its series of Local Government Public Health Briefings. Workplace Health acknowledges that work is a key determinant of health and that Local Authorities can improve the health of the workforce both as an employer and by encouraging other employers in their areas.

It is estimated that work related ill health was responsible for 22.1 million lost working days in 2010/11 costing the economy an estimated ?15 billion. Recommendations to improve that situation include encouraging a leadership style that supports mental wellbeing, and supporting a culture of healthy eating and physical activity. The guidance also looks at addressing specific health issues in the workplace such as musculoskeletal disorders and smoking cessation which were responsible for 75% of new work related problems in 2010/11 and are both the subject of supplementary NICE guidance. Links are provided to a shared learning database where there are examples of good practice in the field which can be followed and to NICE?s existing ?Smoking prevention and cessation? pathway. Advice is given on developing? comprehensive action plans aimed at helping employers and Local Authorities improve the health of the working population. Further NICE Public Health Briefings have also been published this month covering Tobacco and Physical Activity with other subjects to follow in the autumn including Health Inequalities and Population Health and Alcohol. ? ?

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