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RIAMS Updates July 2013

August 1, 2013
Latest News

This month we introduced a bi-weekly roundup of what’s new on the system. RIAMS News will run on alternate Mondays during the month giving a summary of changes. If there are any major updates these will continue to be covered by news items at the time to keep you up to date with what?s happening. You will have noticed that the document counter on each module across the RIAMS site has been reinstated having initially been removed to temporarily resolve speed issues.

Amongst the documents added this month were copies of the Food Standards Agency?s (FSA) Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCPA) and a report of the FSA?s investigation into incidents of adulteration of comminuted beef products with horse meat DNA. There are also new procedures within the Housing Health and Safety Rating Systems documents sub section and an update to the procedure on Cooling Tower/Evaporative Condenser Inspections. ?A full list of new content and updates can be seen below.

New National Policy and Guidance
Environmental Protection -?Industrial Emissions Directive EPR Guidance on Part A Installations Feb 2013 Defra
Food -?Review of Food Standards Agency response to the incident of contamination of beef products with horse and pork meat and DNA ?Professor Pat Troop June 2013
Food -?Report of the Investigation by the FSA into incidents of adulteration of comminuted beef products with horse meat and DNA
Food -?Multi-Annual National Control Plan for the UK Food and Feedstuff Law April 2013 to March 2015 FSA DEFRA WG?
Health and Safety -?National Local Authority Enforcement Code Supplementary Guidance HSE
Pest Control – ?Pest Control Procedures Manual – Cockroaches CIEH April 2013
Licensing -?Gambling Act 2005 Guidance to Licensing Authorities on Setting Premises Licence Fees DCMS
Licensing – Gambling Codes of Practice Gambling Commission March 2013
Licensing – Approach to Test Purchasing Gambling Commission May 2011
Licensing -?Quick Guide Multi-activity Sites

Reviewed Procedures/Guidance
Environmental Protection -?Investigation of Noise Complaints from Wind Energy Developments
Environmental Protection – Invasive and Injurious Weeds (Noxious Weeds)
Environmental Protection -?Smoke: From Trade and Industrial Premises
Environmental Protection -?Smoke: From Domestic Premises
Food -?Food Determination of Shelf Life
Food -?Handling and Disposal of Food Waste
Health and Safety -?Cooling Tower / Evaporative Condenser Inspections
Health and Safety -?Legionella Outbreak Investigations
Health and Safety?-?Legionella Water Sampling Equipment and Methods Guidance
Housing -?Emergency Prohibition Order
Housing -?Hazard Awareness Notice
Housing -?Prohibition Order
Public Health – Bracken Spraying
Public Health – Physico-chemical Parameters (also called Aesthetic Parameters) of Interest to Private Water Supplies Guidance
Public Health – Taking a Drinking Water Sample
Public Health – Private Water Supplies Source Guidance: Springs and Land Drains
Public Health -?Private Water Supplies Source Guidance: Surface Supplies
Public Health -?Private Water Supplies Source Guidance: Wells
Public Health -?Treatment System Guidance: Activated Carbon
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Alternative Water Supplies
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Ceramic Candles
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Chlorination and Chlorine Dioxide
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Distillation (also known as desalination)
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Ion Exchange Units
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Membrane Filtration
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Ozone
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: pH Balance
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Radon Treatment
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Sand Filters
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: Ultraviolet Radiation
Public Health -?Treatment Systems Guidance: General Principles
Public Health -?Interpreting Results and Parameters of Particular Interest
Public Health -?Private Water Supplies Enforcement
Public Health -?Introduction to Private Water Supplies Source: General Principles
Public Health -?Inorganic Chemicals of Interest to Private Water Supplies
Public Health -?Microorganisms of Interest to Private Water Supplies

Reviewed Documents
Food -?Certificate that Food has not been Produced, Processed or Distributed in Compliance with the Hygiene Regulations
Food – Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice

Reviewed National Policy and Guidance?
Environmental Protection – Environmental Permitting Guidance: Core Guidance
Environmental Protection -?LA-IPPC Risk Method
Environmental Protection -?LAPPC Risk Method
Licensing – Amended Guidance Issued Under Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003

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