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The Lost Generation

August 13, 2013

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p>A new report by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has warned that the present generation of children in the UK may not live as long as their parents. The study carried out with academics from Oxford University blames unhealthy lifestyles for the fact that we could be raising a lost generation of youngsters with chronic health problems. Researchers found that the 50 year trend in reductions in coronary heart disease is about to be reversed with up to 30% of children being classed as overweight or obese, less than one in five children eating the recommended five a day, and a minority meeting minimum exercise targets. Commenting on the results BHF Chief Executive Simon Gillespie said: ?These figures are a warning that many of our children are in grave danger of developing coronary heart disease in the future if they continue to live the same lifestyle.”

A shocking 50% of 5 to 15 year olds admitted consuming sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks everyday, a situation that prompted Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, to tell The Times newspaper; ?This isn?t wishy-washy open-toed sandals stuff. If we really want to compete with India and China we need fit, healthy adults.” In an attempt to get to grips with the issue the BHF are committing ?1.2 million to seven new community projects as part of their Hearty Lives scheme. Working with local communities the projects aim to give young people at greatest risk of heart disease a healthier start in life.?