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RIAMS Weekly Update – New Documents and Guidance

August 27, 2013

Below are two new sets of national policy and guidance added to RIAMS this week.?

Model Conditions for Pet Vending Licensing 2013

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health together with a working group of expert organisations has issued a set of model conditions for licensing authorities. The model conditions are the working group?s recommendations for the basic minimum standards considered necessary to ensure the health, safety and welfare of animals in pet shops. ?

The document is on RIAMS as guidance in the Licensing module Animals sub-section.

RIAMS members click here to view the document.

Hazardous Waste Guidance

The Environment Agency has updated the technical guidance on the definition of Hazardous Waste. It is aligned with the recent changes to international legislation and guidance. The revised 3rd Edition of the technical guidance on the assessment and classification of hazardous waste WM2 has an Appendix A that includes worked examples of assessments and specific waste streams. For small businesses and domestic households there are updated introductory guides.?

The guidance is located on RIAMS in the Environmental Crime module, Waste Graffiti and Litter sub-category.

RIAMS members click here to view the guidance.

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