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Conference Highlights Health Cost Calculator Successes

September 12, 2013

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p>The pioneering work carried out by Environmental Health Professionals from Liverpool City Council was showcased during a national conference held at the Building Research Establishment in Hertfordshire this week. Improving Your Housing Improves Your Health attracted professionals from across the country who heard that in the first year of housing inspections in the city, Liverpool EHP?s saved the NHS ?400,000, a figure that could increase to ?4.4 million over the next decade.?

Savings were calculated using the BRE?s Housing Health Cost Calculator which enabled EHP?s to get a two year grant from Public Health bosses to deal with poor housing conditions in the city. The calculator was also available for demonstration at the event.? Ian Watson from Liverpool City Council who presented the figures told the audience that as well as obvious Public Health benefits, private sector investment involved in works to comply with legal requirements had also given rise to 30 new jobs in the city.

The current costs of poor housing and poor energy efficiency in the UK are thought to be in the region of ?1.3 million annually. David Pencheon, Director of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, gave the keynote address in which he emphasised the importance of prevention measures in healthcare saying; ?by the time we get into hospital most of the problems have already happened.? Challenging health bosses to change the way they look at health, Mr Pencheon continued; ? life enhancing innovation and technology are held back by culture, rules, expectations and habits. Every unplanned admission to a hospital should be taken as a sign of system failure until proved otherwise.?? ?

Click here to view the online Housing Health Cost Calculator tool.?