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RIAMS Weekly Update

October 7, 2013

A weekly update of changes and enhancements. This week including new guidance in the Enforcement and Environmental Protection modules.

Environmental Permitting Simplified Permits

Simplified permits have previously been in place for dry cleaners, petrol stations and vehicle refinishers, these have now been extended to cover a number of other activities. To reflect this change a new guidance note has been added to the RIAMS Environmental Protection module. Activities which are now covered by simplified permits include quarry processes, the manufacture of timber and wood based products and roadstone coating. The Guidance contains a full list of relevant processes as well as advice on permit fees and inspection frequencies. Reduced fees will apply to all existing activities from September 2013 and to new applications from April 2013. Each relevant process guidance note now contains examples of model permits as an appendix.

RIAMS users subscribed to Environmental Protection can view the guidance here.?

Statutory Nuisance Guidance

A new guidance note within the Enforcement module, Abatement Notice sub-section examines the differences between the definitions of ?prejudicial to health? and ?nuisance? when considering action under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The guidance covers a number of prominent pieces of case law on the subject. Whilst when taking action Local Authorities don?t have to state under which heading the nuisance falls, they must be prepared to demonstrate that the matter is either ?prejudicial to health? or a ?nuisance? if challenged.?

RIAMS users can view the guidance here.

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