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Housing Health Cost Calculator Gets a Revamp

October 16, 2013

The Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC) has today undergone a relaunch to celebrate its first year online. The new site shows a map of savings to society across the country and the total savings made by all Local Authorities across England and Wales, currently totaling ?1,997,620. Click here to register free to the HHCC and contribute to the savings data for your Local Authority.

The HHCC, which allows users to work out the savings to the NHS and wider society produced by housing interventions, is now being used by over 70 Local Authorities. From humble beginnings, the evidence base for the effectiveness of the work being carried out by Environmental Health Practitioners is increasing every week and, as author Viv Mason from the Building Research Establishment points out, is a vital resource in the current climate. ?These are still difficult economic times, and highlighting the true value of the work being done by Environmental Health Officers has never been more important.? With Shadow Housing Minister, Jack Dromey, calling for Housing professionals to be given a seat on Health and Wellbeing Boards, a method of effectively demonstrating savings will provide an important tool in decision making on Public Health priorities.

Liverpool City Council have already used figures obtained from the HHCC to quantify savings from their award winning Health Homes Programme. The scheme, which aims to identify poor housing conditions and refer specific needs directly to a set of specialist agencies, saved the NHS over ?400,000 in its first year. With Local Authorities looking to refine their Joint Strategic Needs Assessments in order to focus budgets on priority areas, more EHPs are looking for data to put towards funding bids as Brett Warren from Central Bedfordshire Council explained; ? we will be using the HHCC to secure public health funding for a large external wall insulation programme, we have 90% ECO funding and are confident we can get some more from the Health and Wellbeing Board.?

Full details of the cost calculator can be found at: https://www.housinghealthcosts.org

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