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RIAMS Updates October 2013

October 31, 2013
Latest News

This month at RHE we are introducing online enhancements to our website services including forum upgrades and improved account settings. We are introducing a new Single Sign On which will allow our users to move seamlessly between all our websites including RHE forums, RIAMS, HHCC and housinghealth.com. This will mean that you will only need to remember one set of login details for all these websites and for any websites we launch in the future. Forum improvements include a RIAMS Support forum for editorial and systems questions to help users get the most out of RIAMS.

Places on the Hertfordshire Public Health Conference are now available to those outside of Hertfordshire; there are just over 50 spaces left. The event is free for those who live or work in Hertfordshire and ?50 for those who live outside. Click here to book.

The HHCC saw a relaunch in October and the new front page can be viewed here. There are now 84 Local Authorities using the calculator, with current Savings to Society at ?1,999,944.

New Procedures/Guidance
Environmental Protection -?Guidance Note: Simplified Permits (Model Permits)
Public Health – Dangerous Excavations

New Documents
Public Health – Notice to Repair Drains etc. PHA Section 17?

New National Policy and Guidance
Enforcement -?Professional Competency BRDO
Enforcement -?Simple Cautions for Adult Offenders MoJ April 2013
Health and Safety -?Safe Use of Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light Equipment HABIA
Health and Safety -?Code of Practice Nail Services HABIA
Health and Safety -?Code of Practice Waxing Services HABIA
Health and Safety -?Healthy Nails Healthy Life Guidance for Nail Salon Professionals HABIA?
Licensing -?Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 Determining Suitability to hold a Scrap Metal Dealers Licence Home Office October 2013
Licensing -?Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 Supplementary Guidance Home Office October 2013
Public Health -?Memorandum of Understanding between Public Health England and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Reviewed Procedures/Guidance
Enforcement – Abatement Notices
Enforcement – Authorisation of Officers
Enforcement – Delegated Authority
Enforcement – Simple Cautions
Enforcement – Works in Default
Environmental Protection -?Investigation of Dust Complaints from Commercial Premises
Environmental Protection – Dust from Construction and Demolition?
Environmental Protection -?Dealing with Noise in the Street
Environmental Protection -?Statutory Nuisance from Artificial Light
Licensing – Licensing of Scrap Metal Dealers

Reviewed Documents
Enforcement -?Simple Caution to Individual
Enforcement -?Consequences of Accepting a Simple Caution
Public Health -?Notice to Remedy Stopped up Drains etc.?
Public Health – Notice to Require Execution of Drainage Works etc. in Existing Buildings?
Public Health -?Notice to Cleanse and Disinfect Premises that are in a Filthy or Unwholesome Condition or are Verminous PHA Section 83
Public Health -?Notice Requiring Payment of Expenses for the Removal of an Obstruction from a Private Sewer?
Public Health -?Notice to Remove Obstruction from a Private Sewer?

Reviewed National Policy and Guidance?
Environmental Protection – Code of Practice on Noise from Ice-Cream Van Chimes Etc. in England 2013?

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