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Latest Figures Show Drop in Workplace Injuries

November 5, 2013
Health and Safety

Major injuries to employees were at an all time low in 2012/13 according to the recently released Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Annual Statistics Report. Figures showed a reduction from 88.5 per 100,000 employees to an all time low of 78.5 during the year. Workplace fatalities also decreased from 171 in 2011/12 to 148. Despite an encouraging downward trend Alex Botha, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, issued a note of caution saying; ?While the number of people killed and seriously injured in Britain?s workplaces continues to fall year-on-year we echo the comments of HSE?s chair, Judith Hackitt, that many of these deaths and serious injuries could have been prevented by simple safety measures.?

There were 706 prosecutions taken across Great Britain resulting in 672 convictions and total fines of ?15million. Despite current cutbacks, Local Authority cases went up by 5% in England and Wales although the number of enforcement notices issued reduced by 22%. There were drops in accidents in most industry sectors including construction, where the number of fatalities fell from 49 to 39. Heather Bryant, Head of the Construction Sector at HSE, is encouraged that figures reflect changes she has witnessed on the ground.?I have seen some excellent examples of well run construction sites where a clear focus on safety and risk management has been demonstrated. HSE is continuing to work with the industry to ensure the right health and safety practices are in place to protect workers.?

The full report can be downloaded from?http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/overall/hssh1213.pdf

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