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24 Meals a Month Hit The Bin

November 7, 2013

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p>The average UK family throws away the equivalent of six meals a week according to a study by the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP). 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink are discarded every year, almost half of which goes straight from the fridge or cupboard to the bin. Bread, potatoes and milk are the top three foods thrown away by UK households. Despite the size of the current problem the figures show a downward trend, with avoidable food waste being cut by 21% since 2007.

The report comes after supermarket Tesco agreed to reduce its multi-buy promotions having revealed that 35% of its bagged salads were wasted, along with almost half its bakery products. WRAP Chief Executive, Dr Liz Goodwin, feels more needs to be done as increasing food prices have had little effect. “Consumers are seriously worried about the cost of food and how it has increased over recent years. Yet, as WRAP’s research shows, we are still wasting millions of tonnes and billions of pounds,? she said. Confusion around labelling and consumer offers tempting shoppers to buy more than they need have both been blamed for the size of the problem. Andrew Opie from the British Retail Consortium however believes that whilst there is more work to do significant advances have already been made, consisting of; ? a range of approaches, including giving clear storage advice and recipe ideas, offering a wider range of portion sizes, and developing innovative packaging.?