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Thousands Facing a Bleak Christmas in Temporary Accommodation

November 8, 2013

Figures released by housing charity Shelter show that the number of families living in emergency accommodation is at a 10 year high with over 80,000 children expected to spend Christmas in temporary housing. Former Chartered Institute of Environmental Health President and RHE Associate, Stephen Battersby, has branded the situation ?a stain on society’ saying; ?this is another example of the most vulnerable paying the price for the errors of those in government and the city, who are wholly unaffected by the problems they cause.? Almost half the families interviewed by Shelter reported children witnessing disturbing incidents including drug use and threats of violence while the majority admitted to feeling unsafe in their emergency accommodation.

Mike Jones, Chair of the Local Government Associations Environment and Housing Board, welcomed the study which he hoped would highlight the need for house building as a matter of national priority. The government have provided ?1 billion to support people affected by welfare reforms but Shelter Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, can only see the problem getting worse in the short term. “No child should be homeless, let alone 80,000, but tragically, with more people struggling to make ends meet and homelessness on the rise, we’re bracing ourselves for an increase in demand from families who desperately need our help.” ?

To find out more about the work that Shelter is involved in click here.

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