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RIAMS Weekly Update

November 11, 2013
Latest News

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p>A weekly update of changes and enhancements. This week including enforcement procedure updates, temporary water supplies guidance and news from the Welsh Government.

Temporary Water Supplies at Events
Advice on the measures to address when dealing with the provision of temporary drinking water supplies at events is the subject of a new Guidance Note which has been added to the Water Supplies sub-section of the Public Health module. An additional guidance document, ‘Guidelines for the Provision of Temporary Drinking Water Supplies at Events Water Health Partnership for Wales’, has also been added to the National Policy and Guidance section. There is now also a link to the draft update of ‘The Purple Guide for Health Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’ within the National Policy and Guidance section of the Health and Safety module Event Management sub-section.

RIAMS users subscribed to the Public Health module can click here to view the new Guidance Note.

Criminal Procedure Rules and Warrants
A recent change to the criminal procedure rules has altered the procedure and paperwork needed to apply for a warrant in court. Careful thought now needs to be given to the application form and hearing before a magistrate as the process has become much more detailed and failure to follow the appropriate procedure may result in an application being refused. The RIAMS procedure on Powers of Entry and the model warrant and application for a warrant have been updated to reflect these changes.

RIAMS users can click here to view changes in the Powers of Entry procedure.

Environment Bill Wales
The Welsh Government is planning new legislation to ensure natural resources are managed in a sustainable and joined up way. The environment Bill White Paper includes proposals to provide Natural Resources Wales (NRW) with the legislative tools to enable them to effectively implement integrated natural resource management. It is hoped the bill will simplify, streamline and clarify the law relating to a number of existing environmental regulatory regimes. There are various links with environmental health functions in the consultation which will close on 15th January 2014.

Email?naturalresourcemanagement@wales.gsi.gov.uk?for more information.