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Mobile Homes Act Introduces Update for Park Home Sites

November 21, 2013

The current provisions covering park home sites in England contained in the Caravan Sites Control of Development Act 1960 are set for an overhaul to close a loop hole in the legislation that has left local authorities powerless to act in some cases. Originally issued over 50 years ago, the requirement for all park home sites to be licensed has been abused, with responsibility for sites changing hands, resulting in local councils being unable to take enforcement action as they currently have no powers to stop licenses being transferred.

Under new proposals local authorities will be given discretion to refuse to grant or transfer a licence from one party to another for the first time. In deciding whether to grant a new licence or transfer an existing one they will need to show regard to the management structures that any new owner wishes to put into place and any outstanding issues on an existing licence prior to it being transferred. Licenses can now be withheld until any issues are resolved including the acceptance of legally binding undertakings to pay any outstanding debts or carry out site works required under the licence.? There will also be provisions for fees to be charged for the consideration of applications for the grant or transfer of licenses. The full proposals are set out in the discussion papers below.?Any comments should be received by Monday 6th January 2014.

Site Licensing Discussion Paper

Site Licensing Summary


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