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RIAMS Updates December 2013

December 19, 2013
Latest News

RH Environmental wishes all our clients a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year. The office is open over Christmas if you need to contact us, only closing on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year?s Day.?

Our three-minute survey into the latest developments in the sector is still open and there are some interesting opinions being shared ? have your say.?

Below is a list of RIAMS updates for December 2013.

New Procedures
Environmental Protection – Chemical Spills
Environmental Protection – Noise From External Shooting Activities

New National Policy and Guidance
Environmental Protection -?Pollution Prevention Guidelines Dealing with Spills PPG 22 Environment Agency April 2011
Environmental Protection -?Chemicals, radiation, poisons and other environmental hazards, Defining collective public health responsibilities and using the specialist health protection resource in Wales NPHS 2009 (Wales only)
Environmental Protection -?Chemical Incident Management – Public Health England?
Environmental Protection -?Incident Checklists ? Public Health England
Environmental Protection -?Emergency Response Spill Control ? HSE
Environmental Protection -?Chemsafe ? Chemical Industries Association
Environmental Protection – UKSpill
Environmental Protection -?Frequently asked questions about domestic heating oil?
Environmental Protection -?Compendium of Chemical hazards : Kerosene (Domestic Heating Oil) HPA/Public Health England?
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(10) Covering Note
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(10) Installations where PG Note relates to primary activity
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(10) Installations where PG Note relates to secondary activity
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(10) Installations where SG Note relates to primary activity
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(10) Installations where SG Note relates to secondary activity
Environmental Protection -?AQ01(12) Categories of Process Regulated by LAs PG/SG Use by LA for 2010-11
Environmental Protection -?AQ1(13) Industrial Pollution Contact Details
Food – Escherichia coli Enhanced Surveillance Questionnaire Public Health England April 2013
Housing -?Approved Document 7 (Workmanship and Materials)
Housing -?Approved Document C (Resistance to contaminants and moisture)
Housing -?Approved Document D (Toxic Substances)
Housing -?Approved Document F (Ventilation)
Housing -?Approved Document H (Drainage and waste disposal)
Housing -?Approved Document K (Protection from falling)
Housing -?Approved Document L (Conservation of fuel and power)
Housing -?Approved Document M (Access to and Use of Buildings)
Housing -?Approved Document P (Electrical Safety)
Licensing -?Petroleum Enforcement Liaison Group (PELG) Energy Institute
Licensing -?Index of PELG-PETEL Guidance Energy Institute
Public Health – Strategies to prevent unintentional injuries amongst ?the under 15s
Public Health -?Preventing unintentional injuries among under 15s in the home
Public Health -?Alcohol use disorders: preventing harmful drinking
Public Health -?Behaviour change
Public Health -?Physical activity and the environment: guidance
Public Health -?Smoking cessation services
Public Health -?Skin cancer prevention: information, resources and environmental changes
Public Health -?Promoting mental wellbeing at work
Public Health -?Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Public Health -?Tobacco
Public Health -?Workplace Health
Public Health -?Physical Activity
Public Health -?Health inequalities and population health
Public Health -?NICE guidance and public health outcomes
Public Health -?Alcohol
Public Health -?Behaviour Change
Public Health -?Walking and Cycling
Public Health -?Obesity
Public Health -?Bathing Water Quality NRW??(Wales only)?

Reviewed Procedures
Environmental Crime – Litter Enforcement
Environmental Crime – Abandoned Vehicles
Environmental Crime – Duty of Care
Environmental Protection – Responding to Domestic and Commercial Kerosene (heating/fuel oil) Leaks and Spills
Food – Approved Premises Interventions
Food – Infectious Disease and Foodborne Illness Outbreak Procedure
Food – Norovirus Outbreak Procedure
Food – Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak from a Mains Water Supply
Food – Infectious Disease Investigation Procedure for Sporadic Cases
Food – Campylobacter Investigation Aide-memoire
Food – Escherichia coli 0157 Investigation Aide-memoire
Food – Typhoid/Paratyphoid Investigation Aide-memoire
Food – Cryptosporidium Investigation Aide-memoire
Food – Salmonella Investigation Aide-memoire
Food – Specimen Collection for Infectious Disease Sampling
Health and Safety – Accident Investigations
Health and Safety – Investigation of a Work Related Death
Housing – Improvement Notice
Housing – Demolition Orders
Licensing – Premises Licence Application Process
Licensing – ?Notification Process for Two or Less Gaming Machines for Premises with Alcohol ‘On’ Licences
Public Health – Bathing Water Sampling
Public Health – Bathing Water Compliance Guidance
Public Health – Bathing and Recreational Water – Local Authority Duties?

Reviewed National Policy and Guidance?
Environmental Protection – Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light ILP 2011
Housing -?Approved Document A (Structural safety)
Housing -?Approved Document B (Fire safety)

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