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Deprived Areas to Receive More Funding in NHS U-Turn

December 20, 2013
Public Health

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p>The board of NHS England have agreed a major change in the way their ?100 billion budget is allocated across the country. Original plans set out by the Department of Health were aimed at making the age of the local population a key factor in the distribution of funding, but in a dramatic U-turn the board decided that deprivation levels were a better indicator of where funds are required.?

All 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England will receive rises of at least the rate of inflation for the next two years, while those within the most deprived communities will be given extra funding to help them cope with the demands they face.?

NHS England Board Chairman Paul Bauman admitted the decision wasn?t a straightforward one, as both an ageing population and increasing deprivation need to be addressed: ?We must do both, but that inevitably involves a readiness to change ? which, in a time of limited real growth, equally inevitably involves resources moving between communities to best fit the needs of their shifting populations.??

With areas in the north likely to have lost out on the original formula, Newcastle East MP Nick Brown is cautiously optimistic about the board?s change of heart, which came after pressure from fellow MPs, saying, ?I hope that both I and other MPs have had an effect, but I do want to examine the full proposals before I make a definitive decision on the new funding formula.?