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Police Chief To Face Health and Safety Charges Over Fatal Shooting

January 17, 2014
Health and Safety

Sir Peter Fahy the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police is to be charged under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 following the fatal shooting of 36 year old Anthony Grainger. The shooting took place in 2012 during a planned operation to arrest a group of men on suspicion of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Charges have been brought forward by the Crown Prosecution Service as Alison Saunders the Director of Public Prosecutions explained; “In addition to every employer’s responsibility towards their employees, the law also imposes a duty to ensure that work is carried out in a way that ensures, so far as is reasonably practicable, that persons outside of their employment are not exposed to risk. The chief officers of police forces are treated as employers for this purpose. It is alleged that there were serious deficiencies in the preparation for this operation that unnecessarily exposed individuals to risk.”

Sir Peter will not face personal criminal liability for the actions of the response team that took part in the operation and will not appear in court when the first hearing against Greater Manchester Police takes place on February 10th.

In July last year Greater Manchester Police were fined £166,666 with costs of £90,000 after breaching Health and Safety legislation over the shooting of an unarmed police officer during a training exercise.