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New Environmental Protection Forum and RIAMS Updates

January 20, 2014
Environmental Protection

Running alongside the existing RHE forums covering Food, Housing, Licensing, Private Water Supplies and Public Health, the new Environmental Protection Forum will give subscribers the chance to ask questions and comment on issues in a regulated environment. The forum will have a wide remit covering air quality, contaminated land, environmental permitting and noise as well as other areas of environmental protection such as light nuisance and blue green algae. The forum is free to join and will be fully archived.   

Click here to join the forum.

Environmental Permitting Update
The Environment Agency’s Regulatory Guidance Note (RGN) 2, Understanding the meaning of regulated facility has been added to National Policy and Guidance sub section of the Environmental Protection module. The guidance has been updated to take account of changes brought about by the Waste Framework Directive and the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2013. A graphic route map is included that can be used to ascertain whether a process constitutes a regulated facility which then needs to apply for a permit.   

RIAMS subscribers can click here to view the guidance.

The Midland Joint Advisory Council (MJAC) Risk Rating Tool which is the universal risk rating method currently being recommended. The tool can be found in the Environmental Permitting Risk Score Sheets sub-section of the Environmental Permitting section. 

RIAMS users subscribed to the Environmental Protection module can click here to view the document.