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HSE Updates Guidance on Working at Height

January 29, 2014
Health and Safety

window cleanerAs part of the government’s red tape challenge the Health and Safety Executive have issued revised guidance on working at height. Falls are one of the biggest causes of death every year, and it is estimated that more than 10 million workers in Britain carry out jobs involving some work at height.

Commenting on the new guidance, Health and Safety Minister Mike Penning said, “As a former firefighter, I know that the 10 million people who are working at height in this country face risks in their job. But I’m also clear that managing these risks can be done sensibly, by giving simple and clear advice and tackling the myths that can confuse employers.”

One of the main changes is to include clear advice on dos and don’ts when working at height to ensure employers are clear what the law requires, which was a recommendation from the independent review of Health and Safety undertaken by Professor Ragnar Löfstedt in January 2013. The guidance, which can be downloaded free from the HSE website, also offers targeted advice to help businesses in different sectors manage risks as well as ensuring workers are clear about their own responsibilities for working safely. The British Retail Consortium, the Small Business Trade Association Forum, major Trade Unions and the Access Industry Forum all worked with the Health and Safety Executive on the project.