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Top DJ Warns of the Dangers of Loud Music

February 4, 2014
Public Health

EARPLUGSDJ and record producer Paul Oakenfold is advising music-lovers to wear hearing defenders to gigs and generally ‘turn the volume down’ after research by campaign group Action on Hearing Loss found that as many of 10% of the population may be affected by tinnitus.

Speaking at the start of National Tinnitus Week, Oakenfold, who began his career in the 1970s, said “I feel passionately about listening to music safely, and urge music lovers to wear ear defenders to gigs and avoid dangerously high volumes on personal music players. Getting decent noise-cancelling headphones also cuts down the risk of damaging your ears and suffering tinnitus caused by over-exposure to loud music. No-one wants that, so protect your ears while loving your tunes!”

A survey of 1,000 adults by Action on Hearing Loss found that two-thirds of those questioned left a night out at a club, gig or pub with ringing in their ears, while a third ignored the safe level on their personal music players. The group, which also discovered that one in ten adults were unaware what tinnitus was, have produced an audio version of the effects of the condition to increase knowledge. The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is arranging an information day in Leeds on March 15th to provide advice and support for people affected.

You can find out more at the Action on Hearing Loss website.