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RIAMS Updates: Health and Safety Targeting Local Authority Intervention

February 10, 2014
Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive has issued a fourth revision to the Local Authority Circular LAC 67/2 ‘Targeting Local Authority Intervention’. The revised circular provides local authorities with guidance and tools for priority planning and targeting of their interventions. This will enable the local authority to meet the requirements of the National Local Authority Enforcement Code.

The circular can be located on RIAMS in the Local Authority Circulars folder under National Policy and Guidance. RIAMS subscribers can click here to view. 

New Health and Safety Enforcement Document 

A new document ‘Template Protocol for the Authorisation of Officers for the Enforcement of Legislation under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974’ has been uploaded to RIAMS in the Health and Safety area. This comprehensive document includes template forms for CPD and authorisations of officers and details the requirements and levels of training required to inspect premises of different risk ratings. 

RIAMS users subscribed to the Health and Safety module can click here to view.