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RIAMS Updates February 2014

February 26, 2014
RIAMS Development News

foxThe SWERCOTS ELP manual is now live on RIAMS in the Other Resources section. The manual provides officers, case supervisors and managers with a self-contained guide to procedures, basic records and forms associated with the management of standard investigation process and all evidence-based processes including criminal investigations. If you would like to discuss subscribing to this module please contact us.

There are over 80 updates to RIAMS content this month, including pest control procedures and guidance and updated environmental protection national policy and guidance from Defra. 

New Procedures
LicensingApplication for a Minor Variation

New National Policy and Guidance
Environmental Protection – Diffusion Tubes for Ambient NO2 Monitoring Practical Guidance AEA Defra 2008
Housing – Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation in England Guide for Landlords and Managers CLG
Housing – Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation in England Guide for Tenants CLG
Housing – The Landlord Handbook LGA 2012
Housing – Landlords Guide to Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Council 2012
Housing – Landlords A Guide to Landlords Duties Gas Safety HSE
Housing – Guidance Note on Welfare Reform and the Impact on Housing
Licensing – Scrap Metal Dealers Act Engaging with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales LGA
Licensing – Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 Compliance and Enforcement Guide LGA January 2014
Licensing – CIEH Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Dog Breeding Establishments Jan 2014
Pest Control – Public Perception: Statistics that prove the essential value of Public Health Pest Control CIEH April 2013
Pest Control – Getting the best from your pest controller BPCA
Public Health – Managing Overweight and Obesity among Children: Lifestyle Weight Management Services
Public Health – Children and Young Peoples Health Outcome Framework Tool PHE
Public Health – Behaviour Change: Individual Approaches
Public Health – State of the Nation’s Waistline: Obesity in the UK National Obesity Forum
Public Health – Getting Behind the Curve? Is the new NHS ready for Pandemic Flu? CHPI
Public Health – Health Inequalities in the EU EC December 2013
Public Health – Guide for Burial Ground Managers, Coroners Division, Department of Constitutional Affairs, November 2005
Public Health – Exhuming Human Remains Frequently Asked Questions MoJ

New Documents
Health and Safety – Template: Protocol for the Authorisation of Officers for the Enforcement of Legislation under the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974

Reviewed Procedures
Administration – Customer Service Complaints
Administration – Requisition for Information under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976
Administration – Guidance Note: Prioritisation and Response Times for Complaints and Service Requests
Enforcement – Abatement Notices
Environmental Crime – Stray Dogs
Environmental Crime – Dangerous Dogs
Environmental Crime – Dog Control Orders
Environmental Crime – Dog Fouling
Environmental Protection – Investigating Potentially Contaminated Land
Environmental Protection – Investigation of Odour from Commercial Premises and Agricultural Sources
Licensing – Premises Licence Authorisation
Pest Control – Management and Control of Insects
Pest Control – Management and Control of Nuisance Birds and Animals
Pest Control – Management and Control of Rodents
Pest Control – Managing Pest Control Services
Pest Control – Prevention of Damage by Pests Enforcement
Pest Control – Prevention of Damage by Pests Enforcement (Out of Hours)
Public Health – Private Distribution Systems – Identification, Responsibilities, Risk Assessment and Monitoring (flowchart only)
Public Health – Exhumations
Public Health – Public Health Act Funerals

Reviewed National Policy and Guidance 
Environmental Protection – 1/12(12) Statutory Guidance for Combustion of Waste Wood DEFRA Revised May 2013
Environmental Protection – 5/03(13) Statutory Guidance for Animal Carcase Incineration DEFRA April 2013 (Updating PGN 5/03(12) of March 2012)
Environmental Protection – 2/01(13) Statutory Guidance for Extraction of Non-ferrous Metal from Scraps DEFRA April 2013
Environmental Protection – 4/01(13) Statutory Guidance for Processes and Installations for the Surface Treatment of Metal DEFRA April 2013
Environmental Protection – 6/35(13) Statutory Guidance for Metal Powder and other Thermal Spraying DEFRA April 2013
Environmental Protection – 6/07(11) Guidance for Printing and Coating of Metal Packaging DEFRA/SE/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/08(11) Guidance for Textile and Fabric Coating and Finishing DEFRA/SE/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/13(04) Secretary of State’s Guidance for Coil Coating DEFRA/SE/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/15(11) Statutory Guidance for Coating in Drum Manufacture and Reconditioning DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/16(11) Statutory Guidance for Printworks DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/17(11) Statutory Guidance for Printing of Flexible Packaging DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/18(11) Statutory Guidance for Paper Coating DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/20(11) Statutory Guidance for Paint Application in Vehicle Manufacturing DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/22(04) Secretary of State’s Guidance for Leather Finishing DEFRA/SE/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/23(11) Statutory Guidance for Coating of Metal and Plastic Processes DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/28(11) Statutory Guidance for Rubber DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/32(11) Statutory Guidance Note for Adhesive Coating DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/33(11) Statutory Guidance Note for Wood Coating DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/34(11) Statutory Guidance for Respraying of Road Vehicles DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/40(11) Statutory Guidance Note for Coating and Recoating of Aircraft and Aircraft Components DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/41(11) Statutory Guidance for Coating and Recoating of Rail Vehicles DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/43(11) Statutory Guidance for Formulation and Finishing of Pharmaceutical Products DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/45(11) Statutory Guidance for Surface Cleaning DEFRA/TSG/WAG
Environmental Protection – 6/46(11) Statutory Guidance for Dry Cleaning DoE, WAG, TSG, DEFRA
Environmental Protection – 6/47(11) Statutory Guidance for Original Coating of Road Vehicles and Trailers DEFRA/SE/WAG
Environmental Protection – Odour Assessment and Evaluation Guidance Note
Environmental Protection – Spreading Sewage Sludge on Agricultural Land Guidance Note
Licensing – LNG1 Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments 2013 CIEH
Public Health – Private Water Supplies Source Guidance: Rainwater Collection

Reviewed Documents
Pest Control – Advice Sheet: Foxes
Public Health – Application for a Licence for the Removal of Buried Human Remains (including cremated remains) in England and Wales MoJ