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New Report Aims to Move Climate Change Debate Forward

February 28, 2014
Environmental Protection

treeA report by two of the world’s foremost scientific bodies has concluded it is more certain than ever that human activity is responsible for changing the global climate, with temperatures set to rise by between 2.6oC and 4.8oC by the end of the century.

 ‘Climate Change Evidence and Causes’, jointly produced by the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences, also points out that the recent slowdown in rising global surface temperatures is not a sign that long term climate change trends are reversing. The report sets out to address a number of questions which regularly occur in the climate change debate and aims to inform policy makers, educators and members of the public looking for an authoritative reference source on the current state of climate change science.

 Royal Society president Sir Paul Nurse is hopeful it will move the debate forward to concentrate on adaptation. “We have enough evidence to warrant action being taken on climate change; it is now time for the public debate to move forward to discuss what we can do to limit the impact on our lives and those of future generations,” he said. Earlier this week in the House of Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron described man-made climate change as “One of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces.”

 You can download a copy of ‘Climate Change Evidence and Causes’ here