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New Purple Guide to Event Safety Published

March 20, 2014
Health and Safety


Following a four year consultation period, the new ‘Purple Guide to Health Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’ was launched this week. The Guide, which replaces the original document first published by the Health and Safety Executive in 1992, was developed by the Events Industry Forum (EIF).

MP Nick de Bois, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for Events, is delighted with the content of the new guide: “It is vital that the highest standards of creativity are reached with the highest standards of safety. Good business should be safe business for visitors, participants and suppliers.” For the first time, the 23-chapter guide will include all areas that event organisers need to take into account. Initial funding for the project was provided by the Concert Promoters Association as well as other EIF members.

Jim Winship, EIF secretary, says that putting the guide online will mean it can become a living document. “We will be adding more chapters in the coming months on licensees and child welfare, and we will also be publishing information on specific areas such as sustainability, which people will be able to access on the website but won’t be directly part of the guide.” There is a £25 annual subscription fee, with all money raised being used to fund the work of the EIF.

 The Purple Guide is available here