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RIAMS Weekly Update

March 24, 2014
Latest News

This week’s RIAMS news contains new and reviewed procedures in the Planning, Public Health and Licensing modules including a new procedure for tent site licensing.  

Planning Policy Guidance England
A new planning practice guidance web page has gone live. On line access to current planning policy guidance is provided using the planning portal while cancelled documents are available from the ‘about’ tab on the main web page. There is a supporting Ministerial statement which sets the context to the changes. The link has been added to the RIAMS Planning module National Policy and Guidance folder.

Planning Developments Air Quality Assessments
Two documents have been added to the RIAMS Planning and Environmental Health folder. These are a checklist ‘Criteria for Assessing the Adequacy of Air Quality Assessments’ and ‘Air Quality Assessment Developer Notes’. The documents aim to assist officers in identifying the information that developers need to gather and submit when an air quality assessment is necessary for a planning application. 

RIAMS subscribers can click here to view the documents.

Application for a Tent Site Licence
A new licensing procedure has been added to the caravan and tent sites folder. 

RIAMS users subscribed to Licensing can click here to view the procedure.

New Public Health Guidance Notes 
New Guidance Notes on the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF), Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and Health and Wellbeing Boards (HAWBB’s) have been added to the Public Health / Health and Wellbeing folder. The guidance gives an overview of these important areas of the new Public Health framework in England also providing details of how EHP’s can become more involved. 

RIAMS subscribers can click here to view the guidance.

New Environmental Protection Air Quality Procedures
Two new procedures have been added to the Air Quality folder dealing with potential risks from gas releases and the follow up actions where fires may have released asbestos fibres. 

RIAMS users subscribed to Environmental Protection can click here to view the procedures.

Food Allergies
A new folder has been created in the Food module covering allergens. The folder contains a Guidance Note that provides an overview of the subject and the issues to consider during food hygiene interventions. The Food Standards Agency checklists are included as documents and additional guidance added to the National Policy and Guidance section.

RIAMS users subscribed to food can click here to view the guidance.