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April 1, 2014
Latest News

Details of recent guidance notes added to the RIAMS system include a new guidance note on housing power disconnections, one on vehicle registered keeper details and an update to ‘Reporting and Processing Offences’.

Housing Power Disconnections
A new guidance note has been added to the Houses in Multiple Occupation section of the Housing module outlining the options available to the local authority where residents have had their power disconnected by a utility company. The note is relevant to all residential properties and sets out the full range of possible actions which local authorities can consider.

Vehicle Registered Keeper Details
The Noise in the Street sub-section of the Environmental Protection folder now contains a new guidance note covering the method to use when obtaining vehicle registered keeper details. The requirements of the DVLA Nuisance Vehicles Online User Guide dictate that local authorities must have a clear procedure in place to ensure that registered keeper details are only requested and used when it is appropriate for them to do so. Local authorities are also advised to consider drawing up a service level agreement or memorandum of understanding with their local police force.

Reporting and Processing Offences
There is an update to the RIAMS Enforcement procedure ‘Reporting and Processing Offences’ to include additional advice. Timeliness in undertaking reviews, and advice on the use of exhibits are both covered along with a list of the recommended contents for a prosecution file. There is also updated guidance on the resealing of evidence bags.