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April 8, 2014
Latest News

Details of recent guidance notes added to the RIAMS system include new notes on gas safety in catering premises and an amended housing emergency prohibition order.

Gas Safety in Catering Premises
A new guidance note has been added to the Health and Safety / Procedures / Interventions and Enforcement folder. Developed by the Devon Health and Safety Group the guidance addresses gas safety issues in catering premises drawing together relevant sources of information including an aide memoir, checklists flowchart and example notices.

RIAMS users subscribed to Health and Safety can click here to view the guidance.

Housing Emergency Prohibition Order
The wording of the Emergency Prohibition Order contained in the Housing / Notices / Housing Health and Safety Rating System folder has been amended to provide additional clarity.

RIAMS users subscribed to Housing notices can click here to view the document.

Mobile Homes Act 2013
A new document called Fees Policy for Licensing Residential Park Homes Sites Template has been added to the Licensing / Documents / Caravan and Tent Sites folder.

RIAMS users subscribed to Licensing can click here to view the document.